During Festival season there is a huge demand of trains connecting Coimbatore to other junctions due to the large amount of passengers. There is a Demand for additional rail connectivity from Coimbatore, particularly to Bengaluru and to the Southern districts of the state. Recently, MP PR. Natarajan wrote a letter to the General Manager of the Southern Railway said that there is a primary need for four trains services form Coimbatore

The Construction of the Elevators is going on that will be very useful for the senior citizens. The Officials of the Coimbatore Railway has said that the Construction of the escalator for the platforms 1 and 2 met with a glitch and had to be halted briefly and it will be operational by October 15. The officials also said that the Construction of the additional elevators has started. Regarding the Oozing of water during rain, the employees saying that it is a Major work and that the Engineering department of the Coimbatore Station is attempting to tackle the issue without disturbing the Ongoing works and the Passengers at the Coimbatore Railway Station. The Southern Railway has allocated the total budget of Rs. 7,426 crore for 2018- 2019. Of the total budget, the Tamil Nadu allocation has been increased to Rs. 2,548 crore for this year. Electrification projects have been completed in Chennai, Madurai and Coimbatore. The Completion of this project will much needed boost for the development of Tamil Nadu. With the budget of Rs. 1,800 crore, the southern Railway will also take on special works like fitting CCTV cameras in 43,889 coaches of superfast express and passenger trains and surveillance system in 1109 stations.