Bio Toilets & Green Corridor by Indian Railway

Bio-Toilet and Green Corridor by Indian Railways is an innovative and indigenous development of technology and help Railway to full fill its commitment to provide hygienic environment to passengers and to keep station premises/tracks clean.

Indian Railways has provided more than 2 lakes bio-toilets in its coaches till August 2019. The Bio-toilet project is very much aligned with ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’

Technology For Bio-Toilets

The technology for Bio-toilets has been innovated, designed and is ‘Made in India’. The environment-friendly technology has been developed jointly by Indian Railways (IR) and Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) for railway passenger coaches through an MoU.

  • Bio -Toilets technology is first of its kind being used by any railroad in the world for On-board accelerated digestion of human waste.
  • These bio-toilets are fitted underneath the lavatories and the human waste discharged into them is acted upon by a colony of anaerobic bacteria that convert human waste mainly into water and small amount of bio-gases.
  • The gases escape into atmosphere and waste water is discharged after chlorination onto the track.