The cleanliness and Hygiene are the important factors that the passengers always expect on their train journey. These factors are very necessary to make their journey a happy and pleasant one. The Salem Division of Southern Railways began a cleanliness initiative at Coimbatore Railway Station recently. The campaign covered 99 major and minor Railway stations in 15 Western and central districts of Tamil Nadu. It is taken up by following the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to keep public places and Government places clean. The clean India Campaign will be launched Nation Wide on October 2 to coincide with the Gandhi Jayanthi. Southern Railway would soon write to the mosque near Coimbatore Junction seeking permission to utilize its space for the construction of the sky walk that would provide q quick exit to passengers alighting on platform 1A. Two escalators had already been sanctioned for this project.

For the passenger satisfactions the things need to improve are,

  • Adequate availability of dustbins
  • Cleanliness of platform areas
  • Availability & Condition of toilets
  • Availability of water in toilets and wash basins
  • Condition of flooring surfaces at platforms
  • Absence of stench or dirty odour in the station premises
  • Promptness of cleaning of extremes dirtiness

To prevent bad odour, the sweet and pleasant fragrance should be ensured. Ban on polythene carry bags and plastic cups may be imposed inside the station premises. Effective use of CCTV camera is very useful to monitor the cleanliness in the station. This method of monitoring will improve the productivity of the cleaning staff.